Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Day 23 -

Since Palm Springs, we've put over a thousand miles on the truck. This was mostly on the freeways of the Los Angeles basin. Of course, those in Orange County or Riverside County don't consider themselves part of Los Angeles but to me, it's all the same. The highway surface is bumpy especially with H-rated tires on an unloaded truck. On just about every trip, traffic has been backed up. Though today, there wasn't a traffic jam due to the flowering hillsides. In fact, the brilliant orange poppies seem to be on the decline and there were just a handful of cars parked near the hills. I don't have any pictures as I was driving.

I went ahead and started to get things packed up as the weather guessers are saying some rain tomorrow morning. Putting things away wet is just asking for trouble. Plus, the wind was picking up probably due to the wet weather moving into the area.


  1. After a rain, I always try and deploy the awning, it definitely collects water even when rolled up.

    1. It turned out that it didn't rain. Just threatened a bit.