Sunday, April 28, 2019

Day 49 - Helena, MT

The storm went through here this last night and this morning and by about 3:00pm, the snow had ended and most of the snow had melted. Low temperatures last night were in the mid-20s (°F) and the high today was in the mid-30s (°F). We went into town to pick up some groceries and tried to be careful to not get anything that could not be brought into Canada. But I hadn’t heard about raw eggs until today. So I’m boiling the dozen I had picked up this morning. Tomorrow morning, we’ll look through the refrigerator and see what else we need to get rid of. Tomorrow, into Canada...


  1. Good luck at the border crossing....maybe the Canadian customs agents have started smiling again.

    1. Nothing to complain about on the border crossing. Friendly, a couple of questions ant a have a nice trip...

  2. I like crossing the border into Canada, the agents always smiled and welcomed us.