Sunday, June 10, 2018

9 - WEM

WEM = West Edmonton Mall. 

I’ll claim credit for the light rain which started around 8:00 yesterday evening. This was shortly after I returned from the car wash. Today is a good day to spend indoors. The first photo is the wave pool just before it opened. To the left of the frame are all the beach chairs for lounging. 

In addition to the water park are sea lion shows, an amusement park, mini-golf, and about 800 stores and shops. 


  1. You are cursed just like my hubby, Richard. After a trip to the car wash you can count on it starting to rain.

    1. A good thing that I don’t make many trips to the car wash… The dried mud on the truck was a mess. The trailer wasn’t as bad but close.

  2. We need rain here in Estes...maybe we'll stop by the car wash this morning! 😉