Tuesday, June 12, 2018

11 - Crowsnest Pass

It was still windy this morning but the rain had stopped so we headed south. There was a nasty cross wind for most of the day turning to a headwind when we started to head west at Ft. McLeod.in southern Alberta. We first stopped at a community campground but soon discovered that our fresh water tank had self-emptied itself again. I really need to plug that vent line which is improperly run. The end just hangs down between the axles. So we are at the Lost Lemon Campground in the town of  Crowsnest Pass. This area is absolutely beautiful and the best part is that there is no wind. It’s only 4000’ elevation but it sure is a nice change from the flatlands that we’ve been in for a while.

The first picture is just us parked in the RV park. The second picture shows the nice buried markers showing a line for the trailer wheels to follow. A really nice touch. This trailer really does handle the wind pretty well. You can feel the pressure in the steering wheel but it never sways. But then again, I generally keep the speed down to under 100 kph or about 60 mph. Much more relaxing. 


  1. Crows nest Highway already? You are really pushing it.
    Have you visited the site of the Frank slide?

    1. Nope. We saw it but didn’t stop due to time constraints. Today, we are in Pasco, WA. How’s that for moving.

  2. Those lines in the site are a great idea. I wonder how difficult that would be logistically. I will ask our CG managemen.