Friday, June 15, 2018

14 - Corvallis, OR, Day 2

Today was an errand running day. I picked up an installation kit for the roof vent as well as the window knob that broke a few days ago. The water regulator that I bought last year developed a hairline crack and needed to be replaced. Not from poor quality control but more likely from the stress of the water filter that is normally hanging off of it. I'll try a different strategy and have the filter hanging off of the RV.

I will try to get at least the outdoor portion of the vent installation done tomorrow morning before it gets too warm. The forecast for tomorrow is 80°F in the afternoon. This morning, I moved the trailer to a different spot at the Fairgrounds. The RV next to us belonged to a long-term employee of the fairgrounds and he was leaking grey water and some sewer water onto the ground. The campground host said that he didn't have the ability to make him do anything as he is allowed to stay there as part of his job. Anyway, I didn't want to deal with the smell so I moved out to the back 40. I believe they call it "overflow parking". We still have water and power so I'm not complaining at all. The camp host said that he can move us to a full hookup site on Sunday or Monday after the bulk of the people leave.