Monday, June 18, 2018

17 - Corvallis/Eugene, OR - Day 5

Today, Bridget headed out to Chicago from the Eugene airport and is scheduled to return on Wednesday evening. Much more convenient than the Portland airport for dropping off and picking up. 

Last night, I noticed that the refrigerator was still running on propane even though we were plugged into shore power. I think the outlet may need to be replaced as unplugging and plugging the fridge seemed to solve the problem. I also noticed that the Fan-tastic vent draws about 0.3 amps continuously. Between the vent, the refrigerator control board, the solar charge controller, and the Trimetric monitor, the draw is 1.1 amps continuous. 

I remeasured the max height of the rig again and the A/C is still the highest point. The bathroom vent cover is a close second at 12’ 10”. The A/C unit is 13’ 1” which I round up to 13.5’. So it’ll easily clear the railroad bridge on 53rd St. 

No pictures, not much happened today. The dogs are back at the RV tonight. 


  1. That bridge at's height is even all the way over the traffic lanes? it's not arched right?

    1. It’s even enough and it’s a wooden trestle railroad bridge so no arch. To get that much clearance, the road was dropped down.

  2. We really need to measure to find our max height. So far we have gone on Newmar's specs, but don't know for sure if that includes the AC units...we are usually on major roads so it hasn't been an issue, but better prepared than sorry!