Tuesday, June 5, 2018

4 - Nugget City, YT

Another favorite RV park. I think I've stayed here a dozen times over the years. Not a bad place. Fuel in the YT has been expensive from a low of $1.449/liter to $1.519/liter or $4.40/gal to $4.23/gal using the current exchange rate. The daily miles with the RV is about the same as with the Ural.

There was a bit of rain and road construction on today's drive. Enough to make a mess of things. A few things needed to be replaced but I didn’t know until we got on the road. One Eezrv tire pressure sensor was reading way high and one had a dead battery. I removed the battery from the bad sensor and put it in the other sensor. A new sensor was ordered. The remote for the RV-Lock stopped working. A new one was ordered. Some bungee cords are used to keep the Burkee water purifier from tipping over while traveling and keep the vacuum cleaner on its hanger. 

I still need to install some eye bolts so I can strap the table and chairs in place while traveling. It hasn’t occurred on this trip yet. 

We passed a YouTube RVing family, “Less Junk, More Journey” on their way to Alaska, stopped at a turnout. It looked like they were getting ready to pull out. Bridget was spotted by a friend (hello Amanda!) from Fairbanks on her way south. 

Just a shot of vehicles in the Whitehorse, YT, Walmart parking lot. The trailer on the left has a wood stove chimney coming out of the top and the large, expedition vehicle next to it had multiple winches, motorcycle on the back, and about 4 spare tires. Definitely a bit overkill for a trip to Alaska.


  1. Camping on a grocery store parking lot isn't an option in Germany... sometimes an overnighter might be tolerated but usually some (idiot) person will call the Police just to mess with you...

    1. Walmart, and other retailers, encourage the practice as it increases sales. Some towns have local ordinances to prohibit the practice. These were usually pushed by campgrounds and RV parks.

  2. Wow, fuel is crazy expensive up there! And we thought it was bad here in Colorado at around $3.15/gallon.