Thursday, June 28, 2018

27 - 100 Mile House, BC

We worked our way out of Vancouver after the family meeting during breakfast. The location and planners for the next reunion were selected (see Bridget for details). We then headed north on the Sea to Sky Highway. We stopped for lunch at Whistler as I had wanted to see this town for a while. It is a very touristy, beautiful location. Lots of expensive looking everything. I liked seeing the Olympic Rings from the 2010 Winter games. The road from Whistler to the Caribou Hwy was steep, narrow and curvy. I heard it was a great motorcycle road. With the exception of the long stretch of 60 kph, it was a nice drive. We stopped at 100 Mile House at 7:00 since we needed to do laundry. Most of the hotels around here don’t have guest laundry facilities and the laundromat closed at 8:30 or so. Dinner was from 7-11. Tomorrow we are planning to be near the southern end of the Cassiar Hwy. 


  1. I remember the Sea to Sky Highway as a nice road. I didn't stop at Whistler though....

    1. Worth a stop, I think. I want to take the peak to peak tram.

  2. What a gorgeous area! We stayed in Whistler in a euro-style inn many years ago. Need to go back for the Sea to Sky on our motorcycles!

  3. We are planning to take that route on our way south and then a ferry to Vancouver island at Horseshoe Bay, on the bikes. When will you be back in Fai?

  4. You are taking the same route we will take south, at least as far as Horseshoe Bay north of Vancouver, I will require a detailed report upon your arrival. lol. see you next week. we roll south on the 10th. Bridget is now a truck driver.