Wednesday, June 6, 2018

5 - Fort Nelson

A longish day today. Over 500 km. A lot of climbing, winding roads and road construction. This is the view of Muncho Lake at our lunch stop. We continued on to Fort Nelson where we are once again in an RV Park. Mostly because we couldn’t find a Provincial Campground in the area. We finally were able to test the work of Alaska RV last fall. The new tank valves work as expected. The fresh water overflow hose is just hanging below the trailer. It’s supposed to be run back to the fill location. In its current configuration, water just dumps out if the trailer is leaned to the left. We left with a full tank but we lost about 1/4 of the water by lunchtime. Something else to fix.

Today, we saw a lot of animals. Black bear, elk, sheep, buffalo, and moose. These are sheep at Muncho Lake.


  1. 500 clicks with this big rig... sounds like hard work to me. On our road trip we had just one day that long, the other days were between 150 and 300 km.

    1. It didn’t really bother me much as I had something to do. The 6 yo was getting bored.

    2. Thank you! I always get those two towns mixed up

  2. Beautiful view at Muncho Lake and lucky you seeing all that wildlife! 😍 I never tire of seeing them here in Colorado!