Thursday, June 14, 2018

13 - Corvallis, OR, Day 1

We made it to our intermediate destination for at least this initial part of the trip. Bridget wanted to arrive by this date to visit with my sister and her family before they head out to California tomorrow. She is then scheduled for a quick trip to Chicago and back by Wednesday evening. This will give me a chance to replace the rear roof vent (which broke due to the high winds in Alberta) with the Fan-tastic Vent. It just arrived today. There are a couple of other things that have broken on this trip. I think the age of the rig is starting to show.

The RV park is kind of crowded for a weekend event but we won't really be spending much time actually in the RV unless repairing or cleaning getting it ready for storage. My sister thought that OSU graduation events are right now through Saturday.

Today was a relatively long travel day. From Pasco, WA, to here was just under 300 miles. Breakfast was donuts from the Walmart bakery. They were still warm from the kitchen.