Monday, June 11, 2018

10 - West Edmonton, AB

We opted to stay an extra day in Edmonton due to high winds in the area. Tomorrow, the forecast is for gusts of only 30 mph versus 60 mph today. The wind direction is westerly so it would be a crosswind on our trek south. Google maps says that it’s 1050 miles from here to Oregon so an easy four days or we could do it in three days if necessary.

Two days of heavy overcast have run the batteries to 78% so I turned on the converter. It is still the original one so it’s designed to slowly charge the batteries. I just checked the charge rate and only 9 amps were going into the batteries. Of the 9 amps about a third was coming from the solar panels even with the heavy overcast. I’ve was thinking of changing the converter last year but no one would ship to Alaska. Maybe later this year.

In about 1½ weeks, the trailer will be put into storage again for the summer to be retrieved in the Fall. At least, that’s the plan. I looked for storage locations in the Salem/Corvallis/Lebanon area but had no luck. But I did find a place south of Bend that had space and the monthly rate was reasonable. To support summer storage, I ordered a variable speed fan with a thermostat, motorized open/close, rain sensor and a remote. The remote is due to the location where it could only be reached if you stood on a chair. The remote seemed like a good idea. I would leave this fan powered on running on batteries/solar while in storage turning itself on and off as needed depending on the temperature. I also ordered vent covers for this and one other roof vent for circulation. The only installation challenge is finding a 12v source that I can get to from the vent location. The other item needed for storage in sunny areas are tire covers. Most of them that I found in RV stores are for trailer tires that are <29” in diameter. Ours are just around 31” in diameter. Back to Amazon.

The second photo is of some ceramic moto dust catchers for sale in the campground store. Several sidecars in the display including a couple of scooters w/sidecars.

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  1. Wow, that's windy! I understand your plan for the trip now...come back and get the trailer for more fun in the fall! :-)