Saturday, May 25, 2024

Moving Out

Thursday - Yesterday was a blur as I arrived back home around 3am after 8 hours in the Seattle airport. This morning, we rented a storage unit and now I need to locate a couple of pallets to put some furniture on so the furniture is not in direct contact with the concrete floor. I also participated in several test sessions yesterday and today. The times for the tests seem more reasonable for me now that I'm actually in the Alaska time zone. And took care of a couple of really minor things around the house. Now the serious work begins.

Friday - I started moving stuff into the storage space. We are using Kyle’s desk to enable stacking when you normally can’t stack. For example, the Prius tires can go under the desk. Or tools like the chop saw or router table.

To the right, I put a couple of old shipping pallets on the floor to keep some wood furniture from touching the concrete floor.

Saturday - More sorting through all of the junk that I've accumulated over the years. There was so much junk that was acquired at various conferences.


  1. truly amazing how much junk one accumulates isn't it? we've been through two "simplification" events and still we've so much stuff around the house.

    1. This time, a lot more stuff is being tossed!