Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Alaska Bound…

Tuesday - A huge thank you to Dave and Ginny for their hospitality and generosity. Dave gave me a ride to the Portland airport. And, as usual, we had some good conversations along the way. There were no direct flights to Fairbanks from Portland so I’m stopping in Seattle for a while. I think the layover is around 8 hours or so. 

I’m glad to see that the flight to Seattle is on a 737. At least there is room for my carryon bag. The first picture is at the Portland airport. The second one is from the Alaska Airlines Lounge at the Seattle airport. The lounge has food and beverages and the one day pass is $65. Since I have an eight hour layover, it seemed worth it. 

Pretty decent bandwidth given the number of people here. It’s not super crowded but there are more people than on prior visits. 

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