Thursday, May 16, 2024

Into Oregon

Thursday - Day six of my “repositioning” road trip from TX to WA. I’m dry camping along the Columbia River. It’s pretty windy with gusts up to 44mph. But, it’s always windy through here. 

According to the Windy app, it’s going to be windy all night and into tomorrow. I only have a 190 mile drive tomorrow so the wind won’t matter much. I just drive slower. 

There are a number of wind surfers here. I think that’s the draw for many. It’s not just a nice location. Even though you can see I-84, you can’t hear it over the wind.

Between the DC-DC charger and the solar, the batteries were back to 100% SoC from 65% this morning. The DC-DC charger is working as advertised. Not too much of a load on the engine driven alternator which is rated at 160amps. 

Looking upriver at the John Day Dam.

So far, 2048 miles…


  1. Lot of miles in few days....your endurance is better than mine.

    1. I think the average came out to 380 miles per day.