Sunday, May 12, 2024

On the Road

Saturday - I attended the local ham radio meeting this morning before hitting the road. When I returned, I dumped and flushed the tank and filled the water tank to 60% on the SeeLevel gauge. This actually translates to ~75 gallons. So I have plenty of water. The site looks kinda bare…

My first stop is the same museum that I had stopped at last November. The WASP museum outside of Sweetwater, TX. When I was about an hour south, I noticed a storm in the area so I pulled over at a Stripes gas station to wait until the storm moved out of the way. The severe (orange-red on the map) has already passed but I’ll give it another 15 minutes or so.

Later - I headed out around 4:20 as it looked like a clear path to Sweetwater. After filling up at a Love's truck stop, I started to head to the WASP museum. It seemed like I was going in the wrong direction so I pulled off. After checking Google Maps, I remembered that the Garmin took me somewhere in the town of Sweetwater rather than the actual location of the museum. So I followed Google Maps.

 - More wind, rain, and lightning. I guess the plains are a bad place to be around this time of year. It was foggy for most of the morning then scattered clouds in the afternoon. Followed by this. 

I’m in the Walmart parking lot in southeastern Colorado. I stayed here before and they had you park in the dirt lot. Now, the lot is blocked off so everyone gets to park in the regular lot. It’s pretty tight when cars in there. I disconnected the Jeep since I needed to back up. 

Today was the first time I ran the DC-DC charger at 40amps. Since the batteries were down to 60% this morning and there was little solar, I switched the DC-DC charger to “high”. The fuse didn’t blow like the circuit breaker did. There must be a large current surge when the charger first turns on. 

Revised my route from NM-Utah to due north to WY then west to SLC then NW. 

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