Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Kitty Hawk, NC

Tuesday - We finally made it to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. We listened to a fascinating ranger talk that began just after we are at the visitors center. 

We then walked around the grounds. This is the flight path of their first four flights with stone monuments marking the “landing” spots. The fourth flight is way out there. 
We walked up what used to be a sand dune that provided a gravity assist to their flying experiments. It was about a half mile walk out. The temperature was about ideal at 71°F with a light wind. I think that this may be the nicest weather for the week.

This metal sculpture was our last stop before hitting up Publix for lunch. It was an interesting stop that I’ve wanted to visit for a while. The last time we were in the area, there was a storm off the coast. We ended up staying inland. 
The Outer Banks covers quite a distance. This Google Earth image is just a portion from Duck in the north to the Cape Hatteras lighthouse in the south. A distance of about 70 miles. The projected driving time is about an hour and a half due to traffic. 

Wednesday - I started the day early with a sunrise from the hot tub. 

It’s not a spectacular sunrise but it looking out over the Atlantic. Something that’s unusual for me. 

 - We had lunch with MikeM and his wife, Valerie, at the Sunset Grille in Duck. Mike is one of the VEs that I do the ham radio testing. It was the first time meeting in-person. 

The picture is a house in Duck that I thought was very photogenic. No relation to the restaurant or anything else. 


  1. A friend of mine flew me into Kitty Hawk for my first visit there, it's a very informative area if you are into flight.

    1. Kitty Hawk is one of those places I’ve wanted to visit. I was surprised to see that it was no longer sand dunes as that was one of the attractions for the Wright Brothers (softer landings). But an interesting stop.