Monday, May 20, 2024

Getting the RV Ready

Sunday - I added up my fillups from the TX to WA roadtrip and it came out to 361 gallons and cost $1213. This actually included about ⅔ of our trip to Corpus Christi as the last fill up before heading north was on our way out to Mustang Island. So just fuel is around 55¢/mile. As I headed  north and west, the fuel cost kept increasing with Washington being the most expensive. The TSD OpenRoads program saved us $241 on this trip alone. 

Every time I go out to the RV I remember more stuff that I need to pack.

Monday - I decided to bring the HT (VHF/UHF ham radio) and that means the charger, the hotspot, and the Surface tablet with all of its bits and pieces to program the radio. The checked suitcase is pretty full but the carry on bags are not full but one of them will need to be gate checked on the PDX-SEA leg. Since I am no longer MVP let alone MVP Gold, I’m not sure what the baggage allowance is these days. I guess Club 49 may still have some benefit. Have I mentioned that I really dislike flying these days. 


  1. This post cost me to look up the stats on my own motorhome in terms of gas cost per mile. My rig works out to about 40 to 45 cents a mile.

  2. The 55¢/mile is reasonable given that we are moving our house. The Jeep adds about 12% to the cost.