Saturday, May 4, 2024

Low Country Boil

Saturday - After yesterday’s activities, today was a slow day. I even fit in a test session after heating yesterday’s leftovers for brunch. This evening, there is a low country boil as a follow up to the wedding. We are making our way south through Kitty Hawk and Nags Head (weird town names!) to the bride and groom’s rental. I expect lots of family as he seems to come from a large family. 

The view to the north from the rental house. The sand is very soft where you slip back a foot with each step. The sand isn’t bright white like we saw in Florida. These houses seemed older with cedar decks and siding instead of the newer synthetic materials like Trex. 

The driveway was going to be pretty full so we opted to park in the public beach parking lot a short walk away. We were treated to a lot of custom cars, including hot rods and low riders, cruising up and down the beach road.

The chef was making the low country boil out in the carport. Corn, kielbasa, potatoes, elephant garlic, lemons, onions, celery, and a lot of Old Bay. Possibly hot sauce though he wouldn’t admit to adding much. But the bottles were over half empty. Shrimp were added Almost to the top of the inner strainer shortly after this picture was taken. 

And, here is the result. It was delicious. Very well seasoned and the accompanying garlic butter was fabulous especially on the corn and potatoes. Dessert was the leftover cupcakes and cookies from the wedding reception. After everyone had their fill, the leftovers filled a full-size steam tray. 

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