Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Back in D’Hanis, TX - SKP

Monday - We took alternative roads i.e. not Interstates from Dallas back to Hondo. It was a much more relaxing drive and, according to Google, only about ten minutes longer. We only stopped a couple of times, once for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, once to switch drivers, and once for fuel in Fredericksburg. It even felt like a shorter trip.

It is a hot, muggy day today. With the relative humidity over 90%, it feels much warmer than that! Still sorting through stuff to pack in the RV for the summer. Debating on things like the e-bikes and tools as they are on the heavy side. 

One of the things I need to is to pull apart the air compressor as the pressure shutoff switch doesn't seem to be working. The motor will keep running and the pressure relief valve on the tank will open and dump air. Maybe later today after I finish the afternoon test session.

Later - I may need to replace the pressure switch. The pressure relief valve opens at 130psi and the motor should shut off at 125psi. I filled up the front tires while the compressor motor was running and just turned off the compressor when the front tires hit 115psi. 

Wednesday - I went up on the roof this morning and re-wired the solar panels to serial again. I only have 10AWG wire from the panels to the panel disconnect switch and it’s around 40’. If the temperature could drop to near freezing, I need to split the array in half and then parallel them together. Or else the total voltage might exceed the maximum input voltage of the charge controller. It was hot & humid work even at 8 in the morning. 93% RH…

Yesterday evening, I tackled replacing the battery in my Apple Watch Series 4. I heated the front face to soften the glue then pried up the display. Everything is very small and special tools were required. For example, the screw holding the battery connector was only ½mm long. After an hour or so, the watch was reassembled and it turned on. I charged it to 100% and left it charging for two hours as recommended. The next task was using the watch until it shuts itself down due to a dead battery. This procedure is needed to calibrate the battery. It’s been at 6% for the last couple of hours. With the old battery, I usually needed to recharge the watch after half a day. So far today, it’s been on for 21 hours. I think the battery replacement was a good way to extend the useful life of the watch.


  1. Dang, now adding watch repairman to your list of skills eh? Nice.

    1. I'm not sure I want to tackle that one again. Everything in there was really tiny. And, I'm betting that it isn't very waterproof anymore.