Friday, May 3, 2024

Duck, NC

Thursday - A somewhat busy day for me today. I’m serving a brunch on Friday morning for about 16 people including the bride. Prepped the quiche ingredients, two crusts, and an egg/potato casserole. Other items include muffins, breads, fruit, and mimosa’s. I hope everything turns out.

Friday - It came out pretty good. The quiche was tasty and the casserole wasn’t watery like it is sometimes. Even the mango/apricot mimosas were tasty. 

The wedding is later today out on a pier in Kitty Hawk. This is the view looking south from the pier. It’s a pretty nice location. 

The surf is right below us and the temperature is dropping as the fog is moving in. Bridget volunteered to take their dog back to their house after pictures. The roads were pretty crowded. 

A tradition that I had never heard of was a “cookie table”. Guests brought a variety of cookies. I hear it’s a Pennsylvania thing. 

Congratulations Jason & Kelly!!

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