Saturday, May 11, 2024

Getting Ready to Hit the Road - SKP

Thursday - First thing in the morning, I drove into Uvalde to pick up a couple of prescription refills. I then came back to meet with the John, who will be weeding our lot for the next six months. The person we had doing it last year decided that they were done with that job so we needed to find someone new. I packed a couple of the larger items in the RV such as Bridget's e-bike. I also packed the butane one-burner stove that we may need to use at the reunion. I had packed most of the tools. I am still unsure about my e-bike.

I'm still trying to decide which route to take but probably this one. My first stop is a Harvest Host on Saturday. It's the same museum that I stopped at on my way down last November. According to the weather map, there are still some snow (and ice) through Colorado and Wyoming is the lower elevation route seems prudent.

I think it really is time to head north. According to the weather app, this is supposed to be the warmest day of the week. Hopefully, that's true as I still have more packing and outdoor tasks to do. I just poured some cleaner in the black tank and I'm supposed to let it sit for at least 48 hours before dumping and rinsing the tank. I hadn't used this solution before so it's an experiment. Amazon said it was going to be delivered on Monday but it didn't arrive until today. The time barely fits a Saturday departure. 

I just picked up some Stabil for the Ural gas as it'll be sitting around for about six months. Especially since there isn't any convenient option for non-ethanol gas around here. And, I'll probably put some Stabil in the Jeep as well as it's also going to sit for at least a couple of months.

The other trip prep task is pre-cooking some meals. I think I want to have the chest fridge/freezer turned off for the trip so I'm taking the contents and preparing some meals for the trip north. So far, I have beef Bourguignon and today I'm prepping fried chicken, carnitas, as well as cooking pasta. Probably not the bet thing to do with the heat but it's better than working outside.

 - So much cooler (temperature-wise) this morning than yesterday. I got a few more things packed away. I decided to take my e-bike so that was one more thing. I almost forgot to pack the battery charger. I added Stabil to the Ural gas tank and rode it around the park to make sure some of it made it into the carbs. I then dug around the shed and found the trickle charger and got that hooked up. So, we are going to leave the shed powered on and are not putting our lot in the rental pool. 

I have the portable refrigerator/freezer emptied out and the carnitas are finishing up in the convection oven. I ended up running into H-E-B to pick up some orange juice for the carnitas. That is both the marinade and the cooking liquid. After cooking in the Instant Pot, it is finished up in the convection oven. Nice that the temperature is cooler today. It was warmer than this last night at 10pm!

The only thing left cooking-wise is cooking up a variety of pasta. This way, I shouldn't really need to cook while on the trip back. Hopefully, it's won't be as hot as it was yesterday. I disabled charging with the Magnum due to high temperatures in that storage compartment. The AT&T hot spot in the front compartment was overheating in the afternoon until I just let it hang out of the compartment by the ethernet cable. 

The second test session had a couple of candidates so I went ahead and led one of the groups. It'll probably be my last opportunity for the next couple of weeks or so. 

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