Sunday, May 1, 2022

Day 66, 67, 68 - Clermont, FL - TT

Friday (66) - I must admit that sitting outside having coffee at 10am with a temperature of 73°F is pretty nice. Is traveling around getting old? No, not really. Even though we’ve been in the area for a while, I’m fine with it. There’s enough that needs doing on the RV. Plus, volunteering for the ham radio tests is an enjoyable pastime.

Just a little further to the right of the first picture, is a cell phone tower. So the hotspot is working pretty good at this location.

Saturday (67) - I worked on the Jeep a little bit today after the morning test session. I picked up LED lights for the front turn signals with a white light instead of amber for the front marker light and amber for the turn signal. The white LEDs turn off when the turn signal is flashing. I plan to wire the marker lights to be on whenever the Jeep is running for daytime running lights. 

I had picked up a fuse tap but it was for mini fuses. The Jeep used micro fuses. I had never heard or seen them before. They are tiny. A fuse tap allows you to remove a fuse and add a second fuse to the circuit. There are plenty of unused circuits in this Jeep as it doesn’t have many accessories. 

After the second test session, I spent a little time at the pool. The pool is almost too warm. There were a number of families there but all of the kids were well behaved and minded their parents. How refreshing…

Sunday (68)
 - The “RV Repair-of-the-Day” was replacing the gas strut that holds the entry door open. I don’t know why I procrastinated as it was an easy fix. I’ve been using bungee cords to hold the door open on windy days. Replacing it took maybe ten minutes. The length was easy but I wasn’t sure how strong of a strut was needed. The Amazon entry had a list that said door struts, 10lbs. It works great. The old strut had no resistance at all. 

These little lizards are running around everywhere. 

The fuse tap came this afternoon from Amazon less than 24hrs from when it was ordered. I’m amazed at how the do that. I used fuse for the passenger seat heater (don’t have that option) and temporarily installed a 5amp fuse. I cut the wires going to the front marker light and connected it to my new circuit. Now the markers are white and lit whenever the engine is on. Both lights combined draw 0.49 amps, or about 6 watts, when illuminated. 

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