Monday, May 9, 2022

Propane Mod

After giving up on the local hardware stores, I resorted to order the fittings to add a propane quick connect to our refrigerator line. Two 3/8” flare elbows, one 3/8” flare coupler, one tee with two 3/8” flare and a 1/4” NPT, and one 1/4” NPT elbow. 

This is in addition to the quick connect with 12’ of hose and the connector for the Blackstone Griddle. Right now, I have the hose going into the refrigerator space through one of the vents but I’m not sure if my preferred solution. Now to try this out with the roast I’ve had in the sous vide for the last 23hours. 

A coolish morning at 70°F so we have the windows open and vent fans in for the first time in a while. At 11am, it was still just 77°F and the scattered clouds and light breeze made for a nice morning. The pool was quiet this morning.

I’m still paranoid about all of those fittings so I will be checking for leaks on a regular basis. 


  1. I've been considering the "extend a stay" propane connector kits that allow one to use a 20lb bottle of propane through one's RV's system instead of the onboard tank.

    That way, you can use up the portable bottle first, drive into town to get it refilled, and keep your onboard tank as reserve.

    Is this how you're seeing your setup as doing as well?

  2. The onboard tank seems to last a long time as we don’t use it for heat very often. We last filled it back at the end of November and it’s still half (usable) full. What I added was just to use the griddle off of the built in tank.