Sunday, May 8, 2022

Clermont, FL - TT

Friday - Hey, we have a visitor to the pond behind our RV. There is a nice breeze this morning and, according to WeatherUnderground, it be around all day. Possibly, strong enough to warrant bringing in the awning. We’ll see. 

I heard from multiple vendors yesterday. Our MaxxFan has started beeping and shuts off when it runs at higher speeds. The company is sending out a new control board. The Victron shunt had stopped working a few weeks ago. And they are sending out a new circuit board for the shunt. 

I looked at Lowe’s and Home Depot for flare fittings to add a propane quick connect fitting to the refrigerator propane line. They didn’t have what I needed so off to Amazon, again. The CO detector started occasionally beeping in the middle of the night. I heard that they should be replaced periodically anyway so a replacement was ordered (from Amazon). The new one is a CO/propane detector so the existing propane detector can be disconnected. 

Saturday - I ended up getting up at 3am today as a thunderstorm came through. I removed the sunshade and brought in the awning. Two of the tent stakes snapped in half! There must've been a lot of movement.

After the early morning test session and a quick trip to the grocery store, it was time to float around the pool. There is a nice light wind right now so the temperature is very pleasant outside. Nice enough to enjoy the hot tub. 

The new CO/propane detector arrived and was easily installed with Wagu connectors replacing the crimp butt connectors. The new detector is slightly smaller than the old one so, for now, I just have a piece of cardboard filling the rest of the opening. The old propane detector was underneath this and I just disconnected power. 

 - It’s a moderate 72°F this cloudless morning so I did another cheap-ish Jeep upgrade. LED headlights from the factory was a $1000 option so we have the stock halogen headlights. Even aftermarket LED lights were expensive but I’ve been reluctant to simply try an LED bulb replacement as they are notorious for too much scattered light. 

A YouTube channel I’ve watched for a while, Wayalife, who does a lot of very well done Jeep mods, tried out these LED bulbs and compared the resulting beam pattern and light output to the factory LED setup. Yes, the factory LED setup was brighter and more uniform but these replacement bulbs in the factory halogen housing was definitely a huge improvement. And there wasn’t much scatter. I.e. light going above a fairly well defined line. 

The whole process, including removing and reinstalling the grill, took ten minutes. This included routing and using zip ties for the green wire seen in the picture. This wire is from a prior mod where I replaced the front marker bulbs with LEDs and wired them to be on when the engine is running. Now, I just need to wait for dark to see how they are aimed. I might just crank them down a few turns just in case. 

We went to pool this morning but it wasn’t very relaxing as it was a bit crowded. The weekend crowds were there in force. After a short dip, I went back to relax under our awning. It was much quieter. 

No storms in the forecast so the awning came back out. You can see what a difference it makes in the freezer temperature. 


  1. Brighter headlights are always a good thing! Luckily you woke to take in the awning!

  2. Assuming they don’t blind oncoming traffic.