Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Winter Garden -TT and Epcot

Tuesday - I finally received the small circuit board from Victron. They replaced it under warranty and shipped it in a relatively huge box. I removed the old board, cleaned off the contact area and put a thin layer of anti-oxidation compound on the mating surface, and screwed in the new board. Plugged everything in, and reinstalled the original BMV-712 meter inside the RV. It works like it's supposed to and now battery temperature monitoring is back. The temperature is used by the charge controller to vary the absorption and float voltages based on the battery chemistry selected.

After the early test session, I headed to the pool to cool off. It was nice. I'm now waiting for the afternoon session to start in a bit. A good time to type this blog post. They are having difficulty getting hold of the candidate so there may not be an afternoon session. 

Wednesday - I arrived at Epcot around 8:45 as I thought the morning would be cooler. At 78°F, it is cooler but humid. I headed to Frozen Ever After ride in the Norway area of the World Showcase. Every time we’ve been here, the wait time was approaching two hours or more. It is listed at 30 minutes. The actual wait time was 18 minutes. 

The ride is a re-theming of the old Viking boat ride. Same boats, same waterfalls. Below is a short video that iMovie made semi-automatically. Only 18sec long.

I’m sitting by the lake enjoying my coffee with a pastry from the bakery called school bread. Filled with custard and covered with coconut. I would’ve never associated toasted coconut with Norway. Anyway, it was very tasty and not overly sweet. 

I continued my stroll around the World Showcase. This is the Italy area. You can see how empty the place is. Pretty nice. Though the begging bird population was out in force. Every time you sit down, a number casually strolls by looking for dropped food or a handout. 

On my second lap, I stopped for lunch in the Canada area. What would someone get in the Canadian area but poutine! They had a choice of standard poutine of a special, seasonal version. Though the seasonal one sounded good, I was kind of disappointed by the last seasonal one I had here. So, this is the standard version. Fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Very satisfying even on a warm day.

In the early afternoon, I headed out as it was starting to get more crowded. On the way out, I took a loop on the monorail which ran to the Transportation and Ticket Center for the Magic Kingdom and back. On the way back, it travelled through the front part of Epcot.

After Epcot, a visit to the pool to cool off before the afternoon test session. 


  1. That Italy area looks like Saint Mark's Square in Venice!

  2. Hit the button too soon, what did you mean by iMovie made the video clip, you shot some clips during the ride and then it spliced it together for you?

  3. That is exactly what iMovie did on the iPhone. You selected the clips and it resulted in a movie.