Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Clermont, FL - TT

Tuesday - It feels like winter. (Just kidding) For the first time in months, both air conditioners were shut off last night. Windows opened and vent fans turned on. It is a nice break from the heat. 

Speaking of heat, the Raspberry Pi running as a DMR hotspot, was reporting processor temperatures around 170°F! Needless to say, that's on the hot side. The developer, Simo from, sent me another version to try out that is running a Raspberry Pi clone. I have it running in the same cabinet to see if it runs any cooler. Right now, the CPU is reporting 108.3°F but it's still early in the day.

Later - At 5:30pm, the hotspot is running at 131°F with the cabinet door closed. The inside of the cabinet is 110°F so it is running much cooler. 

Wednesday - Another nice, cool night and morning. Since we are heading out tomorrow morning, I checked fluid levels. 2½ quarts low on engine oil and about 1 cup of hydraulic fluid. The shop in GA said that the hydraulic motor operating the radiator cooling fan has a slow leak and over the last couple of thousand miles, I’ve added about 2 quarts. 

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