Friday, May 20, 2022

Winter Garden - TT


Thursday - We are back in Florida for a couple more weeks. Bridget has an appointment before heading north again. The temperature was in the low 90s (°F) while driving so we had the generator running both rooftop A/C units. They really can’t compete with these temperatures. 

The last couple of times that we ran the generator while driving, it seemed like the fuel gauge was dropping faster that I had remembered. I thought that we might have a fuel leak. This time, I filled the tank full and the gauge didn’t even start dropping off of the full mark until we were over 100miles. Any after todays 212 miles, the gauge is at 3/4 and we ran the generator for over 3 hours. So, no fuel leak. 

Friday - Rain and wind in the forecast for today. We were originally planning to meet with BobB at the open air market here in Winter Garden. That plan went out the window as rain and thunderstorms are forecast for much of the day.

There are wind gusts in the forecast so the awning is in. Lots of thunder and heavy rain today…

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