Monday, May 23, 2022

Meeting Friends and Magic Kingdom

Monday - Today, I’m met up with BobB and his wife for lunch in a town called Celebration. It was a great lunch and I really enjoyed getting to know them a bit better. I had just known Bob from the ham radio testing.

Bob’s wife, JoAnn works at Disney and knew all the short cuts including this route behind Space Mountain so we could take a fleeting look at the upcoming Tron ride. (No picture)

Around 4pm, I headed for the Magic Kingdom. It took about an hour door to admission gate since I needed to go through the ticket and transportation center and hop onto the monorail to get to the entrance. 

First ride was Pirates of the Caribbean as the standby line was 40 min and it’s all indoor I.e. air conditioned. It only took 25 minutes. The next ride was Thunder Mountain as it listed a 30 min wait. It actually took 22 minutes. I was in the last seat in the last car and you get whipped around pretty good. 

Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel as crowded as it did at other times. Maybe the 91°F temperature discouraged some from sticking around. Yes, it feels warm and humid but it’s not intolerable. Bob suggested not sticking around in July and August. Plus, that’s hurricane season. 
Using the walk-up- waitlist, I had dinner at Skipper’s Canteen which is themed after the Jungle Cruise ride. Pretty cool decor and air conditioned! Plus, the staff use the same style humor as the ride. Kind of corny. E.g. The cabinet is referred to as “The Great Wall of China”.

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