Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Jekyll Island

Monday - Today's touristy activity was Jekyll Island which is south of St Simons Island. In fact, we were able to see the lighthouse from the beach. The first stop was the Georgia Sea Turtle Center which was all about education and rescuing injured turtles. Pretty small place with the gift shop almost as large as the rest of the place. They did have some nice displays.

We walked around the grounds and it was very relaxing. The moss hanging from the trees is very cool though I still don't know what kind of trees. There were some small shops open in the area and I had a nice cup of Georgia Pecan coffee.

The next stop was Driftwood Beach. Also a very picturesque location with a lot of gnarly trees on the beach. We sat out on the sand for a while, but it quickly got pretty warm without some sort of shade.

Tuesday - Just another quiet day at the RV park today. We are planning to visit Jekyll Island again tomorrow. Maybe take the tram tour around the island. 

This really is a pleasant RV park. Quiet, decent free WiFi, good water pressure, and walking distance to a grocery store. The pool temperature was ideal for today. At 88°F, the cool water felt wonderful. And, it was deserted. At least it was around noon. 

At 5pm, it was 82°F with a light breeze and, as long as you were in the shade, it was really pleasant outside. There were no test candidates for the early session and only one for the later session today. Once the FCC started charging $35 for a license, the number of people testing took a nosedive. 

The project-of-the-day was making Brunswick stew. After all, we are in Brunswick, GA, one of the locations claiming to be the originator. It is a tomato-based stew with pulled pork and chicken with vinegar-based bbq sauce as one of the ingredients. The recipe called for butter beans and I have never liked lima beans. The stew is very tasty! I’m this stew, even the beans are full of flavor! Some hot sauce is a great addition but not needed.

Wednesday - This time, we took the tram tour at Jekyll Island. It started at the museum an we went through all of the “cottages” in this resort. These winter homes were built by wealthy families from the north. We toured through one of them. The building pictured is the main building where the meals were served while the resort was open. 

It was a good tour and it included admission to the museum. If you visit Jekyll Island, bring your bicycle as there are a lot of trails and traffic is not moving very fast. 


  1. I don't supposed Jekyll Island is somehow named after the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? ;)

  2. No, unrelated though that would’ve been a good story.