Friday, May 27, 2022

More Tasks - TT

Thursday - Home Assistant is the open-source,  home automation software that I'm using in the RV. It runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 using an SD card for storage. After the last major software update, all the temperature sensors were displayed in Celcius instead of Fahrenheit. That used to be controlled by the localization setting. I finally dug into the server software and learned how to use templates to perform math on the sensor data and create a new virtual sensor. All of the documentation claim that this is not needed as the software takes care of the conversion automatically. Maybe it does for others but my installation wasn't doing it automatically. So after an evening of messing around (i.e. lots of trial and error) I have it working and all of the temperatures are now being displayed in °F.

Since there are at least three auto parts stores within a mile of the RV park, I went searching for some ATF to use in the hydraulic pump. This pump provides pressure for the power steering and the fan motor. When we had the coach worked on in northern GA last fall, they mentioned that the hydraulic fan motor had a slight leak and to add fluid. I needed some oil and this is compatible with what they used. It was a nice enough walk to the Napa store. About 2¼ miles round trip.

Participated in the afternoon test session after cooling off in the pool. 

Across the street from the RV park, there is a poké place. I had the Hawaiian Poké and added masago. The base was a mixture of greens and brown rice and the protein was tuna sashimi. Plus a bunch of other veggies. It was delicious. I was looking forward to trying the place out as soon as I saw it on Google Maps being right across the street.

Friday - I added about a cup of ATF to the hydraulic pump reservoir and about ¾ quart of oil to the engine. And checked the coolant in the overflow reservoir. It would've been nice if the coolant reservoir was translucent but it's steel. The only way to check the level is to open the radiator cap and use something as a dipstick to check the level in the tank. I didn't need to add any coolant.

The lawnmowers came through this morning so I took down the sunshade and stakes, rolled up the mat, and moved the Jeep. It took all of five minutes to have it all re-setup. I did the test session outside today as there was a nice breeze today.

After the test session, I headed to the pool to float around for a while to cool off. I ran into Ben and Charity from the Grateful Glamper YouTube channel. I recognized them from their voices. After about 30 minutes, I could hear thunder in the distance so I headed back to the RV before the thunderstorm hit.

The afternoon test session was canceled, so this was my afternoon "project". Spam musubi. Something to do during the afternoon thunderstorm.

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