Sunday, May 22, 2022

Winter Garden, FL - TT

Saturday - An early start to the day. Bridget flew home for a bit so we left for the airport at around 5:30am. This was the first opportunity to try out the LEF headlight bulbs. They work good. Decent beam pattern, a lot of light on the road without blinding oncoming traffic. 

I returned in plenty of time for the Saturday, early test session for those on this side of the country. The noon session was a special group session for eight people from a church in TN. It was kinda disorganized but not as bad as the last group session. For the Zoom session, I used Airplay to have the TV as an alternate display. I was able to have the audio still in my earbuds and the camera was the laptop. It was nice to have the alternate display.

This morning, I walked to Publix to pick up several items. It ended up being 1.4 miles and by the time I got back, it was getting hot and muggy. Nothing that a short visit to the pool couldn't take care of. There are a lot of stores, shops, restaurants, fast food places, etc. around here. Unlike any other RV park we've stayed at recently. In other words, kind of crowded. But within the park,  it's pretty quiet. You can't hear any traffic sounds and all of the sites have a lot of grass and some trees.  

This is the lightning activity in the area at 7:20pm. Needless to say, the cat isn’t thrilled. 

Sunday - The task for today is defrosting the refrigerator. The high humidity means that this particular task needs to be done more often. Running the ice maker brings warm water into the freezer which causes frost to build up even faster. Using a heat gun, I was able to unclog the water drain at the bottom of the freezer. I can now just let this thaw out on its own. The contents of the freezer is now in the compressor refrigerator/freezer so there’s no rush. This task is much more convenient than it used to be. 

After defrosting the freezer, I walked to Plant St. Market. It is an indoor mall with a number of specialty food stalls. Kind of pricey. I continued through downtown Winter Garden before looping back to hwy 50 and the rv park. I stopped at CVS and picked up a couple of bottles of G2, a sugar free hydration drink. Given the temperature, I really needed it as it was 91° with a “feels like” temperature of 101°F due to the humidity. 

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  1. Glad to hear you’re out walking a lot. It’s good to have a pool to cool off. ��