Thursday, April 28, 2022

Day 63, 64, 65 - Orlando Area - TT

Tuesday (63) - Another warm day but no wind, which is key. I’m sitting outside the PT location and it’s 79°F with very little breeze. Maybe it’s time to just sit in the air-conditioned waiting room. Masks are now optional at the PT location. 

We then went to pick up my Amazon package. It turns out that a replacement Victron shunt is very difficult to find so I picked up a BMV-700, which is the non-Bluetooth version of the battery monitor, as it is considerably cheaper. I’ll install the new shunt and contact Victron about repairing the old one as the unit has a five year warranty. The shunt supplied with the BMV-700 is slightly different as it doesn’t have the chassis battery voltage connection. I’ll install it tomorrow morning as I need to disconnect everything running on 12VDC. 

Wednesday (64) - Yet another warm day. It's 82°F at a little after noon. I'm enjoying sitting outside and getting ready for the afternoon test session. When the breeze is blowing, it's wonderful. The new shunt is installed as well as the BMV-700 as I got a call from Battle Born Batteries, the Victron preferred dealer, and they are going to process the warranty claim. They mentioned that Victron will probably want the meter as well as the shunt sent in. 

Thursday (65) - Moving day today. We are headed back to Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort for the next couple of weeks. This morning, I measured the windshield for a MagneShade, a external sunshade which attaches to the windshield with strong magnets while parked. Reports from other RVers is that it significantly reduces the heat in the front while parked. All of the coach windows are double pane but none of the front ones are. 

We have a decent site backed up to a small lake with golf course on the other side. It was flat enough but did need leveling blocks under the drivers side tires and rear jack. The automatic leveling system had no problem getting us level. The pool and hot tub are both clean and heated. Felt wonderful…

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