Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Day 48, 49 - Four Corners, FL - TT

Monday (48) - Another beautiful day. Mid-70s with a light breeze. I think we could use a little bit more shade in the afternoon so I dug out the old slide topper material. It still had the plastic bead which fits into a track on the awning roller. I hemmed up opposite edge where I had cut off the really sun baked material. I just need to pick up some grommets for the lower edge. This will work for now but I would like to order a sun blocking net version that zips on and off. The Singer sewing machine worked fine on the heavy slide topper fabric.

It’s pretty warm around the entire state though the forecast isn’t for 90°F days just yet. The evenings are nice and cool and if there’s a breeze, it’s very doable. 

Tuesday (49) - Some running around in the morning. Bridget had a PT appointment, I wanted to pick up some grommets, we picked up a package from a friends house in Winter Garden, and we needed some groceries. 

Well it does add more shade but also traps the heat. I went ahead and ordered a screen version from Amazon. It’s supposed to be here tomorrow. But for now, the additional shade is nice. 

And a big thank you to Bob for letting us send things to your address! Bob is one of the ham radio VEs. 


  1. I'd looked at those screens before....good to know they trap heat.

    1. The non-screen fabric traps the heat. We’ll see how the screen does in a couple of days.