Friday, April 8, 2022

Day 43, 44, 45 - Clermont, FL - TT

Wednesday (43) - We are still at the same RV park in Clermont, FL, until Friday. We then move to a couple of Harvest Hosts before heading back to TTO for several weeks. Bridget is at her first PT appointment for her back. 

I used the Blackstone griddle for several dishes. It is definitely hotter and faster than the stove. Fried rice is fast since multiple items can be cooked at the same time and the two burners allow two different temperatures. It also did a great job of searing both a roast and salmon filets. 

Thursday (44) - The forecast is for storms in the early afternoon and later this evening. The weather service was warning severe thunderstorms with hail possible but we didn’t see or hear any hail at our location. 

Friday (45)
 - We traveled all of ten miles to our next stop at OrganicaWorld, a HH location and farm-to-table market. We arrived around noon and found a nice, flat spot. We picked up some delicious jams, pickles, and salsa and plan to order dinner (to go) later this afternoon. The host mentioned that he expects six RVs today. 

Someone was really annoyed when the engine was started. She does not like travel days. 


  1. The cat's facial expression is hilarious!

    1. The scowl right before I took the picture was better. Ears back and an actual scowl…