Sunday, April 10, 2022

Day 46, 47 - Groveland and Clermont, FL - HH

Saturday (46) - We only went ten miles yesterday but the GPS says we are in Groveland, FL, and not Clermont. We ordered breakfast here at the HH location. I had the brisket w/eggs which came with potatoes and toast. And Bridget had the stuffed French toast.

Since we only had around 20 miles to go today, we headed out around noon. This HH location is a church parking lot south of Clermont. There weren’t many level spots in the parking lot but this one wasn’t bad. No tires off the ground or leveling blocks needed.

This morning, the SOC of our batteries was 65%. Between solar and the engine, it was 75% when we arrived at the church. I ran the generator to get them to 90% then solar took them to 100%. 

Sunday (47) - We arrived at TTO aka Thousand Trails Orlando right around noon. We are in almost the same site that we were last time so we have a pretty unobstructed SSW view. We are here for almost three weeks. Much roomier sites than Clerbrook. 


  1. There is something similar like harvest hosts on the rise here in Germany. It's called "Hinterland". Farms, vineyards and sometimes restaurants or other venues are open for a limited amount of RVs in exchange for eating there or purchasing their goods.

    1. It’s a great arrangement. Everyone wins (imho).