Friday, April 15, 2022

Day 50, 51, 52 - Four Corners, FL - TT

Wednesday (50) - This pond is just up the road from our site and is within the RV park boundary. Warning signs for alligators and snakes are there but I couldn’t see anything.  

I rode the bike around the perimeter of the park and this place is huge. There’s even a fishing pier on a large lake. 

In late afternoon, we went back to Epcot. The Flower and Garden Festival is still going on so there are quite a few special booths set up around the World Showcase. Epcot is easily my favorite of the Disney World parks. 

We had been trying to get a reservation at the Garden Grill but have been unsuccessful. But when I checked the walk-up waitlist, it said a ten minute wait. And it really was only a 10 minute wait. The meal was very good except for the green beans. They were too salty. 

On the way out, we stopped to watch the light show on the Epcot dome. Goofy is holding a cake as part of the 50th celebration. 

Thursday (51) -
The morning task was installing a trailer connector on the back of the Jeep. Not that we plan to ever tow anything but we may use a cargo or bike carrier on the back and it could have lights. The unit I installed was made by Curt and it has a small electronic module to control the trailer lights. With the module, the trailer light power is isolated from the Jeep lights. A good system. 

The awning screen came from Amazon yesterday to Bob’s home (thank you!). The upper foot of the screen slides into a track on the awning tube and the lower six feet zips on. Then add some stakes and guy lines. It does a good job of reducing the sun and doesn’t trap heat. 

Friday (52)
 - It rained a bit last night but it is another nice day today. The sunshade is working well. I've been thinking of picking one of these up for a while. At least every time the passenger side is facing south or west. I picked up some tent stakes from Walmart last night as the metal stakes don't have enough cross-sectional area to hold in the sandy soil. Two of the stakes actually screw into the ground.

We had heard that if you don’t like the weather in Florida, wait a few minutes. A front came through seemingly out of nowhere. I put things away and by the time I was done, the severe weather alert was gone…


  1. They say the same thing about weather changing in Colorado, I've experienced all four seasons during one ride.