Sunday, April 24, 2022

Day 59, 60, 61, 62 - Orlando Area - TT

Friday (59) - I’ve been trying to get my DMR hotspot back up and running. It wasn’t able to boot. I wasn’t sure if it was a hardware or software problem. Hardware was easier to address. I had a Pi 2 lying around with an older version of HomeAssistant on the SD card. It wouldn’t boot with the hotspot SD card. And the hotspot wouldn’t boot with the HomeAssistant SD card. But they are different hardware. Pi 2 vs Pi 3 B+. I re-downloaded a fresh image for the hotspot and, after a lot of trouble, copied it onto the SD card from the hotspot. Still wouldn’t boot. 

I then took the SD card from the experimental Pi-Hole server, which is a Pi 3, and put it into the hotspot and it was able to boot. So the Pi hardware on the hotspot was good. The hotspot SD card wouldn’t boot any of the Pi’s that I had. I re- burned the image onto the Pi-Hole SD card and that fixed the problem. SD card failure. This was after spending hours trying to put the image on the old card. After all, it worked yesterday. 

Saturday (60) - Up early today as Bridget had an 8am appointment. It turns out due to scheduling that we may be in Florida for a while longer. 

I met up with Bob at Lowe’s to pick up one of Bridget’s boxes. Later on, another package arrived. There’s supposed to be another one tomorrow…

Sunday (61) - Less wind predicted for today! It’s always nice to be able to put the awning out. It keeps the RV cooler and the absorption refrigerator runs cooler as it’s on the sunny side.

Spent some time floating around the pool followed by warming up in the hot tub. The pool was on the cool side. I think they may be starting to rely on the sun to heat the pool.  

Monday (62) - It’s starting to get on the “warm” side at 84°F at 2pm. I’m doing a test session while sitting outside and the light breeze makes the temperature tolerable. I’m using my folding ladder/step stool as a table since I put away the folding table. 

The highs are going to be up there so I don’t plan on spending a lot of time outside during the day. 

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  1. Did you have the pool all to yourself? Nice. I wouldn't mind the cold water as long as I am not surrounded by too many people.