Thursday, April 21, 2022

Day 56, 57, 58 - Orlando Area - TT

Tuesday (56) - Another beautiful day though it is forecast to be breezy. The temperatures are ideal. Bridget is at her PT appointment and I’m enjoying it outside with the Jeep top open while typing this. 

I picked up the new Victron battery monitor from Bob’s home on the way back from Bridget’s PT. I’m thinking of replacing things in steps to try and isolate which part failed. 

  1. New cable, original shunt and meter - No
  2. New cable, new meter with the original shunt - No
  3. New cable, old meter, new shunt - Yes
  4. Old cable, old meter, new shunt - Yes
Well, it looks like the shunt failed. I guess I’ll see if I can get it replaced by Victron and then try to sell the new battery monitor with a new shunt. 

Since I have been using the AT&T hotspot almost exclusively, I changed the configuration of the Ubiquity Nano to use LAN1 for the WAN and LAN0 for the inside network. With LAN1 connected directly to the ethernet port on the hotspot. Hopefully, it'll be more reliable.

Wednesday (57) - It was a cool 58°F last night and a very pleasant 72°F now at 10am. There is enough of a wind to discourage having the awning out. I believe that we are going back to Epcot this afternoon and have not made reservations anywhere for a change. I believe the plan is to just walk around Epcot, maybe try some of the festival kiosk offerings, and maybe jump on a ride if there is a minimal wait time. 

We entered Epcot around 3pm. It’s moderately crowded but not as bad as during the holidays. It’s partially cloudy and 79°F so pretty nice weather. We usually head to the right towards Canada and go around the world showcase counter-clockwise. Thus time we are heading clockwise. 

I had the bruschetta with grilled vegetables and feta. Very tasty with the balsamic glaze. I should try and make this sometime. 

At Club Cool you can sample Coca Cola products from different countries. The Joy from Korea was the best offered here. Apple-lychee. The worst tasting was the smart sour plum.

The next small entree was the plant based Korean short ribs. Also, very tasty. The texture was closer to meatloaf but the sauce was spicy and the pickles were a nice addition. 

Thursday (58)
 - I finally got around to putting more micro-usb outputs on the 5vdc buck converter. It has a capacity of 35 watts so it should be able to power the three Raspberry Pi3s in the cabinet. The buck converter has two modes. Voltage limit and current limit. I run it simply as a 5VDC supply with USB outputs. The input is an Anderson Powerpole connector which I sort of standardized on inside the RV. 

I now have two of the four Raspberry Pi's powered off the buck converter. The third one, the DMR ham radio hotspot, doesn't boot completely. I asked the developer for a link to the software image. I will try re-imaging the SD card and try again later. Not sure what the problem is as it worked fine a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Dang, that bruschetta looks good... Thanks for your help with the brakes this afternoon.

  2. The bruschetta was very tasty. It was a good reminder to me that something like that, which would be easy to make, could be very tasty.