Saturday, April 2, 2022

Day 37, 38, 39 - Clermont, FL - TT

Thursday (37) - A windy day with gusts to 25mph followed by a lot of rain with thunder and lightning. We watched Apollo 13 with Galen and Cindy as a follow up to the KSC visit yesterday. Great movie!

Friday (38) - In the morning I went to the Florida Orange Pass service center as we still hadn’t heard about the tolls from our trip to Key Largo. The website said to allow 10 days and it’s been over three weeks. They had no record of our license plate. But she did mention that there are two independent systems. “Toll-by-Plate” and “Pay-by-Plate”. How about that for confusing. I did pick up a Uni-Pass from Amazon to make this whole toll thing less stressful. It’s on the E-Pass system and works in 19 other states on the eastern seaboard but not in the Midwest where we had run into other toll roads. 

The pool and hot tub are full to overflowing from last nights rain. That means maybe a couple of inches of rain. Water from the pool deck can’t get into the pool so it’s just from the rain. BTW, the pool and jacuzzi were relaxing though the pool was on the warm side on this 80°F day. 

Saturday (39)
 - Warm, muggy, and overcast. After the early morning test session, I went for a bike ride and I’m at the pool right now. It’s supposed to start raining in a couple of hours so this may be the only time today for the pool. I just float around to cool off then sit around drying off. Easier said than done with the high humidity. 

Shortly after the mid-day test session, it started to rain. The map shows that thunderstorms may be around for the rest of the day. At least there is no significant wind. I could leave the awning out which keeps things (like the e-bikes) dry. 

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