Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Day 40, 41, 42 - Clermont, FL - TT

Sunday (40) - We are still at the Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort. We attended the non-denominational church service here at the RV park and the speaker was pretty good. Afterward, we went to Sam’s Club with Cindy and bought more groceries than I expected. Sam’s seems to have more grocery choices than Costco. Such as the container of yellow, saffron rice. Much more convenient than the small bags sold at some grocery stores, though Bridget said it wasn’t as tasty.

Monday (41) - Another beautiful day. Not muggy or windy. I’ve been riding the bike around the park most days and this place is pretty big. Lots of RV sites in addition to park models. This place is really starting to empty out with the snowbirds heading north including a lot of Canadians. The neighbors across the street just have the park management put their trailer into storage until they return. That way it’s an easy three-day trip back to Ottawa.

The pool is still over-full, especially after the heavy rain over the weekend. But it’s still nice to float around in. Some of the people there were complaining that it needed to be vacuumed as the wind and rain resulted in some leaf debris on the bottom. 

I’ll be joining the early afternoon test session today. Demand for testing has gone up since the FCC announced a $35 charge for new licenses as of April 19th. This charge was announced quite a while ago but implementation has taken quite a while. In fact, todays candidate mentioned this as his reason for taking the test.

Now, our journey to “RVers” is complete. We now have a Blackstone griddle. Maybe it’s a stereotype but many RVers have a Jeep, e-bikes, inflatable kayaks or stand up paddle boards, and a Blackstone. Now, we fit in… Actually, I’ve been shopping for one for a while but Covid shortages made them hard to find for a while. At least the 22” model I was looking for.

Tuesday (42) - Re-arranged the basement storage so the compressor freezer is on the sliding tray. Now the lid can be opened all the way making it much easier to use.  Of course, this required moving just about everything else. But I think it’s easier to get to most things. 

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