Sunday, December 26, 2021

Day 33, 34 - Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Saturday (33) - A quiet day. We went to an RV park potluck dinner this afternoon and met some of our neighbors. Most are retired, like us, with similar stories of escaping snow (and crowds). This is a good place for that as it’s kind of far from anything “touristy”. I didn’t work on the Jeep today as I just felt like relaxing. I still have over a week to get everything else done. 

The temperature is perfect today and it looks like it’ll be that way for a while. I really like this area and this RV park. I’m glad that Mike and Kathy found and recommended this place. I spent the afternoon at the pool and sitting on the dock. 

Sunday (34) - I installed the surge brake system and the emergency braking cable on the Jeep today. Basically, a cable from the front center beneath the bumper to the brake pedal. When slowing down, the Jeep pushes against the motorhome through the tow bar, and a mechanism within the tow bar pulls the cable. I like the simplicity. The emergency braking system is similar. If the Jeep comes loose from the motorhome, a cable yanks on the pedal and locks the brakes. Again, a simple system. I started working on the lights but ran out of daylight. I still have a week. 


Steve Williams said...

Seventy-three degrees on Christmas Day. That seems like a fine change from cold and snow. I'm not sure whether Kim and I will ever make the leap to a different climate but one can dream.

I hope you find the holidays unfolding quietly and warm as we approach a new year!

redlegsrides said...

I ended up removing the brake assist device from my setup....used once when I first got the Sammy to no effect.... probably didn't have it adjusted right. The Sammy is well below the 3000 lb weight parameter dictated by law for towed vehicles I believe....perhaps in CA it's different but no plans to go there with the Sammy so no problem.

RichardM said...

I definitely prefer it over the recent Alaska temperatures. Or even the temperatures around most of the U.S.. Though I prefer lower humidity.

RichardM said...

I don’t know which states require tow vehicle braking but I think it’s a good idea for the Jeep as it is well over 3000 lbs. I think all states require the emergency brake for any towed anything. Vehicle or trailer.