Monday, December 20, 2021

Day 28 - Back in Florida

Monday (28) - Today I arrived back in FL at the RV park. The other option to picking up the Jeep and driving it back was shipping. The online quotes were around $2000. Flying to Spokane, five nights hotel, and food came to $1350 so it was cheaper to drive. Plus I got a road trip out of it. All of the hotels were booked using the app around mid-afternoon once I knew which direction I was headed. All were cheap, some were decent and some were less than decent. But most provided some sort of breakfast. Spokane and North Platte had the best breakfasts. Fayetteville and Mobile did not have pools and Fayetteville offered a minimal breakfast. Mobile had only coffee. Mobile was by far the noisiest. Both vehicle and people noise. 

Eleven states. Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, a bit of Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, a bit of Alabama, and Florida. The only “new” state for me was Arkansas. Traffic was very congested in the last couple of states. Or at least congested when compared to Montana and Wyoming. The cities were the worst especially when combined with road construction. 

Total distance was 2802 miles at an overall average of 22.8mpg. Today was foggy, overcast, and light rain. But the morning temperature was in the mid-40s, the same temperature as the previous evening! And it was in the high 50s by mid-afternoon. 


  1. Now that's a great road trip and breaking in the Jeep at the same time! That's a decent fuel consumption too. Here's wishing you a Bridget a wonderful festive season!

    1. Thank you, it’s good to be back. We wish you a very merry Christmas!