Sunday, December 12, 2021

Day 19, 20 - Orlando, FL - TT

Saturday (19) - We started to head into Disney Springs, a shopping area attached to Disney World, but Bridget got fed up with the traffic. We turned around and stopped at Walgreens to pick a couple of things up. There is a small craft bazaar here at the RV park and we stopped to look around. Yesterday’s power outage highlighted another microprocessor that I need to install. One on the Maxxair fan to not only turn it on/off but to feedback status such as fan speed. The feedback part may be a challenge. 

It’s another warm day today. Thankfully the power is on today. When we returned yesterday, quite a few of the RVs had their generator running. Some for the first time ever. Our batteries were only down to 84% by the time the power came back on. But it was pretty warm inside. We asked the dog walker to open the windows and turn on the roof vent fan when she stopped by at ~2pm. 

Another possibility is to wire a microprocessor to start the generator. I think that should be pretty straightforward since we have a Magnum generator start module. 

Sunday (20) - We did start the morning at Disney Springs. We arrived shortly before 10, opening time, and it was nicely empty. By 11:30 it was feeling a little crowded though not unpleasant. We left shortly after that as we had a few errands to run on the way back to the RV. Since the approach road gets full of RVs at noon we waited until about 12:40 to head in. There was still a line but we were able to bypass most of the line.

At 7:30pm, Bridget wanted to head back into Epcot to see the Christmas lights on one of the rides. They were lit when we rode it earlier but it was in the middle of the day. 


  1. I wish I had your tolerance for crowds.

    1. In this case, not much choice if you want to visit these places. I grew up going to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flags, etc. so I still enjoy theme parks.