Friday, December 24, 2021

Day 32 - Christmas Eve

Friday (32) - I made the cuts on the rock guard this morning before Bridget needed the car. So now I’m spending some time relaxing in the hot tub. It feels good. I still have quite a few tasks before the Jeep is ready to tow. Ironically, we may not even be able to tow it right away since I neglected to measure the height of the receiver’s when the motorhome airbags are inflated. It needs to be within 3” of the base plate. I think that we may need a drop receiver but it’ll be close. 

I started cooking for the Christmas weekend. There are two events here at the RV park one tonight and the other tomorrow afternoon. I made brownies for tonight’s event and thinking broccoli w/garlic sauce for tomorrow. Plus, I have a turkey breast in the sous vide and made wild rice for the dressing. The dressing was a major fail for Thanksgiving so I’m trying it again “my way” instead of following the recipe. And, turkey noodle soup is simmering on the stove. 

Merry Christmas!!

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