Friday, December 10, 2021

Day 17, 18 - Orlando, FL and Animal Kingdom - TT

Thursday (17) - This morning, a couple of sandhill cranes visited our campsite. They ended up hanging around for quite a while circling and digging bugs (I'm assuming) out of the grass. It’s warm and humid today. In fact, the A/C ran through the night. Maybe it's time to dig out the dehumidifier and pack the space heater. I’m sitting outside getting ready for more testing and it is still kind of overcast and muggy. 

No Disney activities today but we do plan to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom tomorrow. This will be a new one for me as it just opened in 1998 which is after the last time I visited on a non-work-related trip. 

Friday (18) - Today’s trip is to the Animal Kingdom. The parking lot looked full but it feels a lot less crowded than Hollywood Studios. The first stop was the Safari where you rode through looking at animals. Since it was in the middle of the day, most were sleeping. 

We are watching the temperature in the RV since the power is out and has been out for several hours. 

We watched the new kite show where the kites are towed with jet skis. Pretty cool. 

We then went to another show based on A Bugs Life. Then a long wait for an Avatar themed boat ride. 

I enjoyed it though it was dark inside. Afternoon, we stumbled onto the Lion King show. This was a live performance with great singing and dancing. This may be the standout of the day for me. 

We have dinner reservations at Yak & Yeti. An Asian restaurant within the park. It’ll be interesting when we leave the restaurant as it’ll be after park closing. 

Later - The food at Yak & Yeti was very tasty as was the passion fruit margarita served in the souvenir shaker. And, BTW, the power came back on at 8:30pm. It was out all day!


  1. So you left the generator running to run the AC for the dog and cat?

    1. No, we had left the A/C units on but they didn’t come on due to the power outage. The dog walker opened the windows and turned on the vent fans around 2pm as the power was still out.