Monday, December 6, 2021

Day 14, 15 - Orlando, FL - TT

Monday (14) - Another test session around noon but the applicant didn’t have a U.S. government issued ID showing his U.S. address. So we couldn’t test him. I did some battery maintenance by running an equalization cycle and topping up the cells with distilled water. I had last done this when we picked up the RV in Washington. Another visit to the pool and hot tub. I’m enjoying these 80°F days after the cooler temperatures in SC, TN, MO, and OK. 

Tuesday (15) - A Disney day. This time we are at the Magic Kingdom which is similar to the very familiar Disneyland in California. We got a rather late start arriving around 11:30 and not actually getting into the park until almost 1:00. To get from parking to the entrance, we had to take a ferry across one of the many lakes. 

The place is all decked out for the 50th anniversary of Disney World with a very fancy paint job on the castle. Not many rides today. Mostly shows. I believe we did Pirates and the Jungle Cruise.

We had dinner at the Crystal Palace. Pretty good buffet and the standout dish was the pea risotto. 

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