Sunday, December 19, 2021

Day 25, 26, 27 - On the Road

Friday (25) - Billings, MT, to North Platte, NE, today. Right around 700 miles. The day started out at 2°F and ended up around freezing. From blowing snow to relatively clear blue skies. Most of the day was spent traversing Wyoming so it was windy. Very windy. 40+ mph according to the traffic signs across the Interstate. Once I reached I-80, the wind became a tail wind instead of a cross wind. But it’s still over 30mph here in Nebraska. The only stops were two gas stops so no pictures yet. Maybe now that I’m out of the snow it’ll be easier to stop. Most of the rest areas and visitor info centers are closed. 

First impressions are good. Like the manual transmission though the torque comes in at higher rpm so 6th gear is only useful at higher speeds or when downhill or a strong tail wind. I’m averaging 23.5mpg which is decent enough. The interior is toasty warm even at cold temperatures. This morning, the cold weather package (heated seats and steering wheel) would’ve been nice to have. Steering is very fast so you need both hands on the wheel with the strong cross winds. 4WD was needed going through the pass in Idaho as the snow was drifting across the highway. The limited slip on the rear axle made 4WD unnecessary on the icy driveways and parking lots. 

Saturday (26) - Another “no picture” day. My only stops were a gas station a Missouri Welcome Center. It was windy at the center so not much standing around. It was a chilly 9°F this morning but it warmed up into the mid-30s (°F) by the end of the day. I made it to Fayetteville, AR, which is about 660 miles from North Platte, NE. The day started out clear and sunny but it turned overcast and windy by noon. Even though the road conditions were much better, the speed limit is considerably lower so I didn’t quite make my 700 mile goal. 

Also, as this was the third driving day in a row, I think I’m getting tired sooner. The seats are firm but supportive so no Ibuprofen needed even with the long driving days. The RV park is still around 1000 miles which is a long and a short day. But at least it’ll be in warmer. Tonight’s low here is only in the mid-20s. 

Today I used Google Maps through CarPlay but Apple Maps work better. 

Sunday (27)
 - I was going to say “no pictures again” but I took one from the door of the motel room. Notice that it is clean. I took it to a self-service car wash once I got to warmer temperatures. This morning was still below freezing but it warmed up to the mid-40s. 

Today’s 650 mile drive was from Fayetteville, AR, to Mobile, AL. I traversed Arkansas and all of Mississippi. Apparently rest areas aren’t a “thing” around here. Only a couple in Arkansas and none in Mississippi. At least not on the roads I was on. The only place to stop were gas stations. At least they all had decent coffee. 

I was planning to finish this post yesterday but fell asleep before hitting the publish button. Tomorrow will be a relatively short day at 375 miles. 


  1. Here's hoping you get warmer and better weather! For pics of course....

    1. We’ll, it’s warmer but not necessarily better. Still overcast and sprinkling for most of today (Monday).