Friday, December 31, 2021

Day 37, 38, 39 - Old Town, FL

Wednesday (37) - A warm, relaxing day. It hit 79°F by mid-afternoon with a nice cooling breeze. I adjusted the tow bar brake cable but had forgotten about the break-away cable. I guess I’ll do that one when I hook up the Jeep on Monday. 

Thursday (38) - I had an dentist appointment in Gainesville. I dropped a ratchet when lying under the Jeep and chipped a tooth. They put on a temporary crown and I need to return in two weeks for the permanent one. They had some pretty high tech tools or, possibly, I don’t get out much. Thank goodness for insurance. 

It’s been warm and humid. In fact, the A/C was cycling all night. Right now, I’m relaxing at the pool. The pool is kind of on the cold side but tolerable. As long as the hot tub is available to jump in, things are good. 

Friday (39) - New Years Eve. Even more RVs showed up today. I think every single space in the park is occupied. Lots of people, a bit noisier but it could be worse. Bridget and Kathy, aka Toadmama, went to Crystal Springs to kayak. Apparently, it was really crowded. I’m glad I stayed here. 

I started to set up another Raspberry Pi as a dns black-hole using software called Pi-hole. Basically, a dns server for our RV WiFi network that blocks ad domains. I got partway through the install but needed more bandwidth to install software updates. 

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  1. Happy New Year to you and yours! About 3" of snow fell overnight, making things look better for a tiny bit of time anyways.....