Thursday, December 23, 2021

Day 30, 31 - Old Town, FL

Wednesday (30) - Only 63°F but sunny! We ran some errands including picking up some items I need to be able to flat tow the Jeep. Step 1 will be the Roadmaster baseplate. Step 2 is the wiring for the lights. And step 3 is the brake cable. 

Thursday (31) - Today’s project was installing the baseplate onto the Jeep. This is the hardware that the tow bar hooks into. I removed the bumper and the plastic rock guard under the front of the engine. The picture shows the drivers side. One hole on each side needed to be drilled out to ½” for bolts but it was basically bolt on. Red Loctite on all hardware. This thing is not coming off. The rock shield still needs to be cut to fit around the baseplate. The “hardest” part was cutting a steel plate that supports the bottom of the rock guard. The only steel cutting tool I have with me is a Dremel. More tomorrow…

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