Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Day 35, 36 - Old Town, FL

Monday (35) - The only task I took on today was defrosting the freezer. There was water running out a couple of days ago and the ice maker hadn’t been working for a couple of weeks. It’s turned on now and we’ll see if it still leaks water. There was a lot of ice built up on the bottom of the freezer and the drain was covered up. To defrost, after emptying the freezer, I just go after the ice with the heat gun. Not quick but only a couple of hours total. The contents are all in the compressor freezer which runs much colder. 

And, followed up with a visit to the hot tub. This was the first time that I wasn’t the only one there.

Tuesday (36)
 - I finally finished up on the wiring except for running the brake light wire to the switch on the pedal. Even managed to test the wiring. I used a kit from a company called Cool Tech. It has a switch that is mounted under the passenger seat to either from the Jeep wiring or the trailer connector. We had dinner with Kathy, Mike, Chris, and Lori. 

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